As part of CUMC Weekday Children’s Ministries, the purpose of our preschool is to provide a Christian outreach program for Clemmons United Methodist church members and our community. The early childhood years are the most formative and during these growing years Clemmons United Methodist Preschool seeks to:

  • Enrich the child’s discovery.

  • Provide the child with a wide variety of learning experiences.

  • Offer experiences that nurture imagination and creativity.

  • Surround the child with love and security.

  • Provide a safe place for young children to grow spiritually.

At our school, we feel that play is an important part of a child’s world. We feel a child learns best by doing. The classroom is arranged in interest centers so the child is free to explore, discover and participate in a wide variety of activities.

Goals of the Preschool

We believe that each child will:

  • Develop an ability to communicate effectively with teachers and classmates, hear and imitate sounds used to form words and understand and follow simple instructions.

  • Develop an awareness of music, an appreciation of sound and rhythm and an ability to participate in musical expression.

  • Learn more about self and others through informal role-play.

  • Have opportunities for using art materials and develop an increasing appreciation of color, form and texture.

  • Develop attitudes and skills appropriate for the child’s particular age